Thank Your Lucky Stars for Horseshoes!

It is well known that the horseshoe is considered very lucky!

LUCKY 2  357-476.jpg

Horseshoes have been and still are hung in many homes to protect and attract good fortune. High Desert Creations collectors have been gathering and wearing their good luck often – also often paired with stars – because the phrase “thank your lucky stars” expresses gratitude and appreciation for a favorable occurrence and a positive outcome – such as receiving good luck and/or peace.   

LUCKY - A Sense Of Peace  357-476 ration 4-3.jpg

“A Sense Of Peace” pendant in sterling silver - upright to catch all the good luck.

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“Shooting Stars Are Lucky” pendant in sterling silver – tilted a bit to let the good luck flow out.

A selection of sold earrings and pendants showcasing Horseshoes & Stars that express good fortune. May you always be in the right place at the right time!