Making Choncho!

Concho is a shell-like silver decorative dome or disk most often round or oval in shape. These can be plain, carved or stamped with a design – sometimes surrounded by silver rope or silver beads. Native American Indians learned how to make conchos from Mexican silversmiths who created these accents for horse tack.

Now I’m excited to say that I’ve taught myself to make conchos!

Time Travel 4-3 357x476.jpg

This "Time Travel” pendant showcases my first handmade concho along with a great piece of Turquoise from the #8 Mine located in Elko, NV. And cut by Jason Brousseau, NM. A 100% copper accent design finishes the piece – all are set on a sterling silver backed pendant measuring 2¾” x 1½” hanging from an 18” copper rolo style chain.

In creating my works of wearable art, I have accented a number of pieces with the concho – resulting in a great look and complimentary comments from collectors and followers.

A Some Day View 4-3 347x476.jpg

“A Someday View” pendant of sterling silver with a very unusual Hubei Turquoise shaped by master stonecutter Jason Brousseau, NM features a sterling silver concho accent.

Followers admire “A Someday View”! Martha Ard: Beautiful workmanship! Judy Vaughn: Very nice. Is that called a concho button? If not that's what it reminds me of. Very pretty Kathi. Fronnie Bealer: The piece that is at the edge of the stone is almost like a lid that slipped off revealing the beauty of the stone. I really like this creation.

Creation to Cause Emotion Bracelet 4-3 357x268.jpg

“Dreaming In Color" textured and stamped sterling silver hinged bracelet features a Varisite Stone focal point and concho Sun Face Southwest Symbol accents.  The following comments for “Dreaming In Color” are appreciated!

Carol Akers: Absolutely awesome! Jeanie Ganley: It's gorgeous work! Kendee Barnes: That is amazing! Shelly Frisbie-Tomlinson: I absolutely love these bracelets you create. Evelyn Adams: I think the most outstanding elements of your creations are the back grounds you stamp.

(right) "Desert Glimpse's" Pendant presents a framed oval concho above a half-moon shaped Kingman Turquoise cut by Jason Brousseau, NM. Surrounded by a sterling rope.   

(left) “Desert Breezes” Pendant showcases an over-sized domed silver concho with a Turquoise stone from Turquoise Mountain cut by Jeff Hansen, AZ.

Rustic Wild & Free 4-3 357=476.jpg

"Rustic and Wild" neckpiece of sterling silver and copper features outstanding Turquoise stones from Arizona and Nevada with a sterling silver concho and handmade bead caps.

“Rustic and Wild” received so many compliments!

Angela Likavec: OMG!! Another beautiful work of art. All my favorite metals harmoniously brought together with turquoise as the finishing touch. What isn't there to love about this gorgeous necklace. 💓 Jan Bradley Russomanno: You have the most stunning Southwest jewelry I've ever seen 🎉👍🏻👍🏻🎉 Bobbye Tynes: You couldn't say enough about this piece of jewelry. Deborah Jeanne Bauer: Ok this is magnificent Carol Akers: They just keep getting more beautiful. Patricia Watt: Omg this is so beautiful, I really love has it all....excellent work .. Judy Vaughn: A very unique piece. My hat is off to you Kathi. You bring together elements that work..

Concho & Barbed Wire 4-3 357x476.jpg

“Barbed Wire” earrings featuring my signature sterling silver barbed wire and sterling silver conchos on 100% copper backing.

It always makes me happy when I hear good things about my work and I’m always happy to work in collaboration on design and materials.

Trish Spaeth: Soooooo beautiful!!!!!💓💙 Billie Huckaby Brown: Oh these have my name written all over them!!! If you ever have time to do more earrings similar to these please contact me. Michelle Oberbeck Nelson: I love this woman's work!!! Shelia Martin: I would wear those! :) Kirsti Arndt: Must haves DeDe Jones Holroyd: Absolutely love them!

Below are two more new pendants that are available under the Shop tab.

(right) There’s so much movement in this “Remembering Yesterday" Pendant featuring a remarkable Campo Frio Turquoise, cut and shaped by Outlaw Lapidary, Tombstone, AZ and set in sterling silver above a handmade copper concho on 100% copper. Pendant measures 3”x1¼” and hangs from an 18” copper rolo style chain.

(left) There’s heartfelt joy in this "Heart to Heart" Pendant showcasing an outstanding greenish Tyrone Turquoise heart cut by Jason Brousseau, NM and set in sterling silver with 100% copper accents. Pendant measures 3” x 1½” and hangs from an 18” copper wheat weave chain.