SUPERIOR ART and CRAFT SHOW July 31 & August 1 & 2!

The count-down to the show has begun along with the continuing count-up of more original works of wearable art from High Desert Creations!

2019 Winnemucca ART & CRAFT SHOW.jpg

I’m busy in my favorite place – my studio – creating works of wearable art for the Winnemucca WESTERN ART and CRAFT SHOW – one of my favorite shows here in Nevada that will be up and running at the end of this month.

Attend, try on and select original handmade works of wearable art from High Desert Creations. Below are two new cuff bracelets - each showcases an exceptional turquoise stone cut by Jason Brousseau, New Mexico along with my own strikingly distinct hand-stamps. Click on the titles below for full description.

(left) “Indian Mountain Has A Vision “ (right) Dream Big”


Held in conjunction with the Superior Livestock Auction, the annual WESTERN ART and CRAFT SHOW is a real western favorite! I look forward to seeing you there!