High Desert Creations continues to build a relationship with Cowgirl Magazine and their readership. Our excellent graphic designer, Julie Bergman/Coyote House, recently designed this advertisement featuring one of my newly created bracelets titled “Big Dream” and a Ranch Brand Commission birthday gift from Betsy to her daughter Brooke. This is the advert that was sent to our Cowgirl brand manager, Geena – it will run in the Cowgirl Magazine Holiday Issue.

KTurner_SEPT no bleed for HOLIDAY issue-page-001 700 x 2379.jpg

Happily, I’ve received a lovely note from Betsy who said that she was the most excited ever to give as a gift the brand pendant I created for Brooke’s birthday.

I was told that Brooke absolutely loved it – she immediately noticed that the turquoise stone that I had chosen for her was perfect – as was the rendering of her ranch brand.

Betsy went on to thank me “for the beautiful keepsake my Brooke will wear forever and someday pass on to her kids. It is a treasure and she was absolutely thrilled with the gift. Gratefully, Betsy”

The interesting thing is – Betsy (the mother) and Geena (our brand manager) are friends! Betsy mentioned that she had commissioned a custom ranch brand pendant for Brooke and showed Geena the photo of it I had sent. Of course, Geena recognized my work and knew who I was from the HDC advertisements. What a wild coincidence it was that we are all three connected!

The Cowgirl Magazine Holiday issue will be mailed to subscribers on September 17 and on sale October 9 - be sure to get your copy - one way or another.