Wild & Free GIFTED - Husband to Wife!

"Wild and Free" is off to Washington State as an unexpected gift from her husband to his wife, how sweet is that. Thank you, Mike!  

Wild and Free - SOLD to MAN for WIFE.jpg

This stunning sterling silver and 100% copper work of wearable art features outstanding turquoise from mines in both Arizona and Nevada. Enhanced with handmade copper bead caps and silver, the pendant measures 3” x 1½” and drops from 18 inches of chunky turquoise stones.

A facebook comment exchange between loyal follower Denise Jansky and Kathi Turner:

Denise Jansky ~ Lucky lady, lovely piece of jewelry with love from her husband. Smart man!

High Desert Creations ~ Denise, he brings her special pieces from all parts of the country he travels though. I thought what a kind and thoughtful husband.