Singular and distinctive, a custom piece of jewelry is most meaningful. I welcome collaboration and the chance to create a ranch brand, pendant or bracelet that fulfills your design vision – an original work of wearable art for yourself or as a gift. I’m currently taking orders for Christmas.

This commissioned pendant is off to Diane Parker  at Parker Brangus Ranch, San Simon, AZ.

10-21-18 CUSTOM RANCH BRAND Diane Parker - CROPPED.jpg

This commission bracelet is off to Jenny Anglen in Bosque New Mexico. Thank you, Jenny for allowing me to create a piece with your hunting treasures. It’s a big responsibility, although I welcome it. 

10-21-18 - BRACELET - front - CROPPED.jpg

Wearable Art Admired & Desired by Women & Men!

"All Things Natural" found a new home right here in Winnemucca. Thank you, Carolyn Dufurrena, with your Geology back ground, this piece is right for you, and when I say you rock, you literally rock. 


"All Things Natural" is a real statement piece! Set in a 100% copper circle is a natural opalized Ammonite, a natural freshwater Pearl, a natural Korite Opal with a natural copper splash and several sterling silver drops. The pendant hangs from 18 inches of natural Madagascar Coral Beads. Lots of thought went into this piece, trying to compliment these awesome beads.

Not only for women – comments below are from male facebook followers:

Paul Smith ~ Wow. Your creativity just amazes me! An amazing piece.

High Desert Creations ~ Thank you Paul, as you can see, I have no one particular set style. I like to do it all.

Knole Shepherd Deacon III ~ I was born and raised in Prescott. That's where I became The Turquoise Cowboy. I'm gonna buy some of your jewelry when I can. I love it.

Wild & Free GIFTED - Husband to Wife!

"Wild and Free" is off to Washington State as an unexpected gift from her husband to his wife, how sweet is that. Thank you, Mike!  

Wild and Free - SOLD to MAN for WIFE.jpg

This stunning sterling silver and 100% copper work of wearable art features outstanding turquoise from mines in both Arizona and Nevada. Enhanced with handmade copper bead caps and silver, the pendant measures 3” x 1½” and drops from 18 inches of chunky turquoise stones.

A facebook comment exchange between loyal follower Denise Jansky and Kathi Turner:

Denise Jansky ~ Lucky lady, lovely piece of jewelry with love from her husband. Smart man!

High Desert Creations ~ Denise, he brings her special pieces from all parts of the country he travels though. I thought what a kind and thoughtful husband. Creations

I thought this image was priceless. It surprised me in two ways. How Vickie displays my pieces when not wearing it, but that she has also acquired so many pieces. Thank you, Vicki McPeak, for sharing . Follow me: Desert Creations

Vickie responded to the post with: Love all of them! Wonderful to wear and display👍 (that’s not all I have by the way)😍

Vickie responded to the post with: Love all of them! Wonderful to wear and display👍 (that’s not all I have by the way)😍

Additional comments from followers include:  

Cheyenne N Jake Fowler ~ Wowsa! Color me jealous! Those are fabulous!!❤️😍❤️

Adrianne Ricci ~ Absolutely beautiful every piece you are so talented

Shelia Martin ~ I love that! She's so lucky to get to have a collection of your pieces! I only have one but, it is my favorite necklace.

Marlene Sabatina ~ Wonderful customer and great taste in jewelry

COME to the WESTERN ART and CRAFT SHOW - Aug. 1 & 2 & 3, 2018 in Winnemucca, Nevada!

This annual art event is a real western favorite – for me and those who attend!

Western ARTS and CRAFTS show in Minneuwacca August 2018.jpg

The three-day Western Art & Craft Show will run August 1st (9 am-6 pm); August 2nd (9 am – 7 pm); August 3rd (9 am – 2 pm). Held in conjunction with the famous Superior Livestock Auction, you can find me in the East Hall/Main Floor of the Winnemucca Convention Center located at 50 W. Winnemucca Boulevard in Winnemucca NV. I look forward to seeing you and to showing you my original Western/Southwestern bracelets, earrings and pendants. Visit my High Desert Creations Facebook page to see more of my work where I am pleased to receive these simple and sincere comments: Absolutely Beautiful! That’s Beautiful! Beautiful Work! Beautiful Piece! WOW! Gorgeous! Stunning!

Admission to the Western Art & Craft Show is free and be sure to enter the giveaway – the lucky winner will receive a shopping voucher.


A heartfelt thank you to all who visited High Desert Creations during the 2017 HITH Tour!  I so enjoyed meeting new friends, welcoming back long-time friends and sharing my jewelry making process with all of you.

I love seeing eyes light up and hands reach out to touch and put on my original pieces of wearable art. Many have a story to tell and now you add to the experience your story about finding, admiring and acquiring.  Meaningful and memorable to both you and I.

Please know that I am just a text or phone call away (775-304-6756) and will be happy to set a time to meet with you in my favorite place – High Desert Creations Studio in North Scottsdale.



31616 N. 70th Street, Scottsdale, AZ 85266 (N. Scottsdale Rd. & E. Lone Mtn. Road)

TOUR & SALE OPEN: 10 am – 5 pm on the weekends before and after Thanksgiving

November 17, 18 & 19 and November 24, 25 & 26, 2017

Representing her connection to the earth and its beauty, Kathi Turner follows her free spirit in constructing neckpieces, bracelets and earrings in Western, Southwestern and Contemporary designs.

GUEST ARTISTS: Morrie Elmer wood; Jan Griggs, acrylic/mixed media; new to the tour this year: Brian Johnson, mixed media/fiber/metal

FINAL ADVERT - 08-23-17-1.png

Hidden in the Hills Studio Tour

I'm so thrilled to participate again in Sonoran Arts League's Hidden In the Hills Studio Tour (11/22-24, & 11/29 - 12/1)!  It is my 2nd year being part of this awesome group of artists coming together to open their studios and meet the community.

I have spent weeks getting ready - and tonight I share this picture of "the night before".  Must admit, I feel a mix of emotions - "Will they come??  Will they like my work?  Will they see the love I have put into each piece??"

I share this because Studio Tours are about getting to know each artist, and the heart and soul they put into their work.  Each of us (no matter how experienced or seasoned) looks forward with a bit of anxiety to putting their heart on the line throughout the show.  We welcome you into our work and our world.  We're honored by your visit.

Below is my quiet studio tonight..."the night before".  Can't wait to see it come to life tomorrow.  For me it's about the work, the inspiration, and the connection that happens when I'm creating.  I'm happy thinking whoever is drawn to my work is meant to have it.

Hope to see you throughout this weekend and next...



2013 - Hidden in the Hills Studio Tour

So happy to again participate in the Hidden in the Hills Studio tour in Arizona.  It is a free, self-guided tour of 46 studios and 167 working artists in the greater Scottsdale area over two weekends (Nov 22 - 24, and Nov 29 - Dec 1).  Maps and additional information are available here: - please come see us!  

I'm thrilled that Paul Jones will again be presenting at Two Sisters Studio, and I look forward to re-connecting with many friends and lovers of handcrafted bead artistry and metal-smithing.

I will be demonstrating the craft of Peyote Bead Work, and will be holding a drawing for a small piece of my work.

I look forward to seeing you then, and thank you for your support of local artists! 

2012 - Hidden in the Hills Studio Tour

We are thrilled to have completed a successful show with the Hidden in the Hills Studio Tour in Arizona this year.  We were so pleased to meet many long time followers of High Desert Creations, and to meet many new friends.  What a treat to co-present work with my sister Christine Warjone and to share with so many the great synergy we have as both sisters and artists throughout the show.  We look forward to seeing many of you next year!